About Shaping Tomorrow

Who we are
We help busy people and organizations manage risk and uncertainty and create opportunities for growth and profits today through continuous intelligence from around the world. Our members are engaged in strategic and future thinking, trends intelligence and consumer research, business development, design, marketing, media planning, knowledge and change management.

Every day our researchers simplify complexity by scanning and analysing trends worldwide, and uploading relevant articles and studies about the future to our service. From our UK headquarters we manage this global team of researchers, each with a subject specialization. Our information comes from rigorous and continuous physical searches for quality future-related sites. We are trained environmental scanners and trends researchers, not an automated web crawler. We have backgrounds in professional futures, market research, publishing, and senior management roles in many of the industries we cover.

What we do
Our service covers all aspects of futures, strategic planning and change management.

We cover 84,121 eclectic links to 10,503 websites of the futurist community, strategists, and the private libraries of key organizations and respected futurists. This makes our service the most comprehensive, in-depth single source web site for foresight and perspective.

Everything is designed for ease of use. You can look at 75 trend topics or just search for your specific interest using our fully tagged search engine.

You can very rapidly follow the big picture, identify the earliest indicators of changes to your industry or profession and view anywhere you have an Internet connection.

How you benefit
You can know what you don’t know fast and:

  • Get ahead of your competitors by identifying tomorrow’s opportunities and risks.
  • Learn how to take action through developing world-class strategies.
  • Be more creative by connecting with leading innovators, researchers and observers around the world.
  • View our analysis of 3,627 structured and key global trends.
  • Create your own private trends database and conduct your own dynamic and collaborative Horizon Scan in real-time.

What do you think?

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