Future of Blockchain

This was by far the most searched on topic by our members this week so here is our robot Athena’s overview. Blockchain is forecasted to be the next transformative technology by the World Economic Forum, European Parliament, IBM and Barclays. Read on to see where Athena thinks we will see Blockchain transform sectors and services. Contact us to view our extensive research on the topic.
What is changing?











Please note: 
The graphs below are a selection from our extensive collection of visual analysis tools that you can manipulate on the Shaping Tomorrow service to suit your own purposes.

Sentiment analysis
Sentiment has hovering around neutral for some time with only occasional positive vibes around this specialist product from pundits and experts alike.

Similarly, though there is lots of noise it will likely take another seventeen years before public acceptance becomes the norm. Blockchain offers exciting opportunities but is still in its infancy and only just gaining traction and beginning to evolve.

Topic map 
This new topic map, not yet available on our live site, show how Blockchains’ continuously growing list of records, which are linked and secured using cryptography will come to be embedded in systems of finance, infrastructure and assets to determine ownership and transfer rights.

We recommend you further explore the topics forecasts below to gain further foresight on how your organization may be impacted in the future by Blockchains’.

Heat map
North America, will likely be the leaders in changing their ways of doing business using Blockchains’.  But Eastern countries from Russia, Australasia and some countries in Europe will also make rapid progress. You can follow these countries and the changes they are making through Blockchains’, instantly at Shaping Tomorrow, and then take their best ideas to implement in your organization.

The chart below shows the rapid rise in Blockchain interest by sector. Financial services and Support Services led the way in 2016 and 2017. They are expected to be the leaders in 2018 and beyond too. Both they and many other sectors are ramping up their efforts to first understand and then implement their own solutions.

Radar chart
This graphic shows the most likely and promising top ten areas of change by 2030: jobs, healthcare, blockchain, digital, economy, technology, investment, automation, manufacturing and robots. In other words blockchain will be an integral and mostly invisible part of the digital revolution affecting everyone on the planet.

The most visible effects of Blockchain in 2025 are likely to be seen within Banks but the major impacts will be on jobs and the economy as efficiency in managing transactions worldwide improves dramatically. We recommend you explore the topics in more detail at Shaping Tomorrow to mitigate threats to your organization and to seize upcoming opportunities.

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