Future of Sales

Find out where are robot, Athena, thinks the most promising and not-so-promising opportunities for sales growth are in the coming years and take advantage or mitigate risk accordingly.
What is changing?



Technological take up in most countries is likely to be slow and will likely take nearly a generation for worldwide acceptance of the new technologies. Regulation, public acceptance and slow take up of new processes are the three biggest hurdles for sales organizations to overcome. But, for the agile, opportunities to grow abound.

Most affected sectors: Manufacturing. IT, Aerospace & Defense, Education, Healthcare, Energy, Construction.

Topic map 
The topic map shows the huge extent that technology will have in both reducing sales cost and promoting new products and services in the future.

Heat map
Except for Africa almost every other region in the world can be expected to adopt new sales technologies and take up the new products and services highlighted in Topic Map above.

Manufacturing and defense markets are likely to be the lead sectors in the next ten years, especially the vehicle idustry.

We recommend you explore these in more detail at Shaping Tomorrow to mitigate threats to your organization and to seize upcoming opportunities.


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