Local Printing

3D printing will disrupt the global supply chain and create a market for producing goods locally. Read on to discover what Athena, our robot, has discovered about the future opportunities and risks with 3 and 4D printing. Are you ready to play, or lose ground to more nimble competetion?
What is changing?

Analysts believe that by 2020 3D printing will move from a weak signal to an emerging trend.

Sentiment analysis
Analysts sentiment has changed from positive to neutral as the ramifications of 3D Printing’s negative impact on global trade, logistics and employment start to be factored into future considerations.


While 2020 will likely move 3D Printing from weak signal to emerging trend it will not likely be until 2029 that public acceptance of 3D printing becomes an accepted, normal practice.

Most affected sectors: Manufacturing. IT, Aerospace & Defense, Education, Healthcare, Energy, Construction.

Topic map
The topic map again reflects the sectors likely to be most affected in the next 5 –  10 years.

Heat map
North America, Mexico, India, China, the UK and Germany are likely to drive 3D Printing and use in the next ten years.

Manufacturing and defense markets are likely to be the lead sectors in the next ten years, especially the vehicle idustry.

We recommend you explore these in more detail at Shaping Tomorrow to mitigate threats to your organization and to seize upcoming opportunities.



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