Better Visualize Your Future

Shaping Tomorrow is currently exploring a partnership with Plectica, a provider of visual mapping software. We expect the partnership to help people and organizations visualize foresight concepts, define relationships, and organize relevant futures content to achieve a deeper understanding of simple and complex systems.

You are invited to explore this combination of Shaping Tomorrow content with Plectica concept mapping. Shaping Tomorrow uses AI and strategic systems thinking to discover emerging change as it happens so you can respond in time. Plectica is based on years of applied research on how we think and learn. It works the way the human brain does: by visually organizing parts that can be combined and connected to each other to form a more complete picture.

Together, Shaping Tomorrow and Plectica can show you how the dots in our present view of the future connect. You will then be better prepared to connect the dots for your own strategy and planning.

Please click the image below, or here to see the visual map below and contact us with your thoughts and ideas for improvement. Thank you!



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