Use one of our workshops improve your strategy

Our workshops are designed to answer a burning question of your choice extraordinarily quickly and robustly. We will work with you and your people to derive a well-formed strategic response in a 1 to 2 day workshop depending on the complexity of your issue.


Because we use our automated, collaborative system to reduce drudgery to a minimum and increase thinking to a maximum the normal time to conduct such an exercise can be reduced from weeks and months to just a few, intense days bringing you the benefits of fast answers, lower costs and competitive advantage versus slower rivals.

What you’ll learn

Participants will learn the best practices of leading forward-thinking organizations and be able to raise their ongoing skills for answering future in-house challenges without our intervention.  

After the workshop participants will be able to:

  • better apply the theory and practice of strategic foresight again and again
  • establish future focused projects and know how to develop the key question
  • search for answers and conduct fast and accurate literature reviews
  • create an evidence base and organizational memory for continuous updating
  • discover likely future drivers, trends, uncertainties and surprises
  • tease out implications and meaning
  • prioritize drivers, trends, uncertainties and surprises
  • determine probable scenarios and derive practical alternative futures
  • write an energized future briefing document
  • rate and assess the findings related to the organizations goals
  • innovate to seize opportunities and reduce emerging risks to achieve stronger future agility and resilience
  • recommend action plans and next steps
  • prepare a presentation for your approval
  • know where to get more help and how to use our comprehensive system to best advantage
  • rate the success of the workshop and determine how much organizational learning has been achieved.

Participants can take the workshop at their own offices or other locations anywhere in the world or virtually.


What do you think?

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