Get the (Free) Gist on Wearables

We have just launched a new type of research report, Gists, which will help you get your team all on the same page. Gists provide a brief overview of the current and expected future status of each monthly topic. Each Gist includes an introduction to the topic, a literature review using our Indicators, and a suggested framework for scenario development.

Gists will help you quickly and conveniently appraise the future of a topic, and they will keep you and your organization abreast of issues important to a variety of industries throughout the year. At only 5-10 pages long, they can be shared with a larger team who can quickly assess the implications of each topic for your organization, and Gists are much less expensive than other high level, in-depth reports. Future Gists will only cost US$40, and a year subscription of 12 Gists will be US$400. Plus, you may order a custom Gist for only US$4000 where you choose the topic, depth, and privacy of the Gist. These prices are subject to change, so get in soon.

To illustrate the value of the new reports, the first Gist on wearables is free, Optimizing Individuals. Last year was intended to be “the year of wearables”, and to some extent it was. Wearables have entered the mainstream consciousness, and early adopters have seen the potential even if their practicality has not yet been achieved. While some of the excitement has subsided, this Gist will provide a more sobering view for the expected future of these devices. See a sample of the Indicators featured in this Gist:

  • The success, however modest, of smartwatches indicates that the electronics industry and their target demographic are keen for ever more portable and convenient electronic devices.
  • Fitting workers with wearables can boost their efficiency by up to 8.5%, according to a new study from Goldsmiths, University of London.
  • The wearable tech market could generate as much as $70bn of sales a year within a decade.
  • The Global 1000 will garner 5% of their sales from the data collected from wearables.
  • Roughly 2/3 of consumers plan to purchase an Internet of Things device for their home in the next 5 years.
  • Wearables ownership will increase from 7% in 2014 to 14% in 2015.
  • Most consumers will likely sacrifice more of their privacy for the benefit that wearables and their apps bring.
  • Consumers will be able to integrate the data from most wearables into a single account where their data can be analyzed using cognizant computing to provide useful insights to wearers.
  • Microsoft, Nike and Intel will build on early innovation in wearable fitness and health monitoring and create the infrastructure for merging data relevant to health and fitness.
  • Eventually multiple biometric authentications (i.e. bone conduction coupled with heart rate and brain waves) could be performed simultaneously thereby maintaining their convenience and their security.
  • Wearables and their sensors will need to become more robust for consumers to use them in every aspect of their lives as manufacturers are clearly pushing for.

To see more, get the Gist on wearables for free, Optimizing Individuals. Optimizing Individuals also features a baseline scenario for the next five years as well as another for the next ten years. The scenario frameworks featured in each Gist can help you develop scenarios and strategies relevant to your organization rather than relying on someone else’s analysis. If you need help developing or applying scenarios in your organization, please contact us.


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