Get the Gist of the Future

Shaping Tomorrow is announcing a new product, simplified foresight reports that we call Gists. Gists provide a brief overview of the current and expected future status of each monthly topic. The 5-10 page reports are intended to help readers quickly and conveniently appraise the future of an issue, and they will keep you and your organization abreast of issues important to a variety of industries throughout the year. Each Gist includes an introduction to the topic, a literature review using our Indicators, and suggested frameworks for scenario development. These frameworks are primarily intended to help organizations which already implement some form of strategic and scenario planning. If you need help developing or applying scenarios in your organization, please contact us.


Using the latest technology, Shaping Tomorrow has extracted more than 19,000 Indicators (one sentence forecasts) out of Shaping Tomorrow’s 85,000+ Insights. These Indicators are edited and arranged to indicate the future of each topic. The editor will add a certain amount of sources for each topic depending on the amount and quality of sources already available on Shaping Tomorrow. These same sources and those previously available on Shaping Tomorrow are then used to develop the introduction and analysis.


Shaping Tomorrow offers clients the service of searching these Indicators at their convenience for a fee. Searching the Indicators would give you greater flexibility for strategy development. Please contact us to find out more.

The Gists, however, will do all the hard work for you, and you can subscribe or purchase them individually for a more modest fee than using the Shaping Tomorrow Indicators. Gists are published 12 times per year at $40 per issue. You may subscribe for the full year for $400, and you may order a custom Gist for just $4000. At this price point, these high level reports are easily available for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) while still being targeted to national governments, global corporations, and larger non-governmental organizations (NGO).

Our First Gist: Optimizing You

Our first Gist is currently available for free, Optimizing You: Emerging Wearable Information Technologies. Last year was expected to be “the year of the wearables”, and to some extent, it was. While several consumers are still waiting for the Apple Watch, wearables have entered the mainstream consciousness and early adopters have seen the potential even if their practicality has yet been achieved. The Gist maps out the expected future of the technology while pointing you toward alternative possibilities, and Optimizing You also illustrates the potential of this new type of report.

Future Gists

We endeavor to make each Gist a launching pad for organizations to facilitate their own strategic development. Feel free to tell us what you think about this Gist and what topics you would prefer.


What do you think?

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