2015: A glance at the shape of the new year


2015 will be a year of significant change across several sectors. Here, we have assembled forecasts from four different sectors: economic, employment, environment, and technology. The global economy is expected to improve steadily, but job growth is not likely to follow suit for the developed nations. Instead most of the job growth will be in developing countries. Hard choices will have to be made concerning the environment and sustainability at a corporate and national level, but existing technologies should improve enough to ease the transitions these choice may demand.

Most of our work deals with the medium and long term futures of 3+ years out, but our system can easily be used to gain deeper insight on the near term of 6 months to 3 years. Although these forecasts are for less than a year out, they do not represent the future that will be but merely a baseline scenario for how the future will most likely unfold.





  • China is the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gasses and it will produce nearly 50% more than the United States by 2015. (Alternative Images of China in 2035: A Case Study of Tamkang University Workshops)
  • From 2011 to 2015, China’s spending on energy conservation and environmental protection will reach an estimated 3 trillion yuan ($475.8 billion). (The Future)
  • 85% of respondents expect a climate deal in 2015, and 83% think this will set the stage for national governments to create or link carbon markets. (GHG Market Sentiment Survey 2014)
  • By 2015 10 billion tonnes is projected to be the maximum volume of carbon dioxide that humans may emit to remain below the critical threshold for climate warming of two degrees Celsius. (2015 Global Warming)
  • A new set of global sustainable Development Goals will be agreed in september 2015 when the millennium Development Goals expire. (Resilience to extreme weather)



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