Marketing – goes instant, personalised and mobile

2015 will see a growing number of companies adopting a customer-centric approach to marketing away from media and product facing approaches. Expect to see more use of big data and other new technologies to provide instant, customer marketing offers, more significant moves to mobile advertising and growing use of social media and better content marketing.

What is changing?


  • Retail stores will offer more personalised choices for customers through digital means.
  • Digital technologies will be increasingly used to advertise andcommunicate product information in physical retail stores.

User interaction

  • Marketing will become increasingly contextualized based on user data.
  • Consumers will generate a vast amount of detailed information and companies are expected to use specialized software to help them in making sense of the data at hand.
  • Marketers will find next few years inspiring deep changes in the ways in which consumers interact with online environments.
  • Marketing will shift from globalization to personalization.
  • Media agencies will be moving from being media-facing to consumerfacing.
  • People will start being less forthcoming with their personal information online due to privacy/marketing fears.
  • Engaging consumers will no longer just be about marketing and communicating to them but will be about connecting and socializing with them.

Content marketing

  • Digital marketers will be able to more easily gather and analyzeinformation on the buying habits and locations of consumers.
  • Content marketers will be responsible for building engaged high-value audiences and delivering quantifiable business results.
  • Distribution and audience growth will be the biggest content marketing buzzwords of 2015.
  • Being able to successfully plug content workflow platforms into marketing automation platforms, content management systems, and email service providers will be the most requested need by Q3 2015.
  • Action Teams will include value-added technologists and communication/marketing strategists to help design appropriate social media strategies and priority-based educational content and programs.
  • Social media and mobile marketing campaigns will track to the newest research-based information, program priorities, key messages and target audiences.
  • Journalists will set up LinkedIn searches for leadership roles in content marketing.


  • Mobile ads are also expected to grow by a smashing 48% in 2015.
  • Brands will finally embrace YouTubeas a major network.
  • Internet advertising is predicted to rise by 10%.



  • Brands are going to start wondering why they’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to rent an audience instead of building one of their own.
  • Advertising trends and the reinvention of advertising as content in digital media could lead to $1 Trillion of the global ad budget shifting to digital within 5 years.
  • Marketers will abandon the traditional digital marketing tactics in favor of creating more relevant and inspiring content.
  • Social media and mobile marketing campaigns will track to the newest research-based information, program priorities, key messages and target audiences.
  • Social media will increasingly be used to establish firm reputation and brand.


  • Gartner believes that a double-digit increase in digital marketing investment will provide supply chain leaders with deeper market insight.
  • CMO’s will soon be spending more on IT than CIO’s.


  • Consumer goods companies that employ crowd-sourced solutions in marketing campaigns or new product development will enjoy a 1 per cent revenue boost over non-crowd-sourced competitors by 2015.
  • Sustainability and social responsibility will all have a major influence on the form and scope of future Internet retailing.

Content management

  • Marketers will need to be smarter in harnessing and leveraging data.
  • Judgments about consumers and potential consumers will be madeinstantaneously.

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