Weak global economic growth?

Since the IMF published its growth forecast last week stock markets have tumbled (see: Global shares slide on growth fears). It was lack of growth that triggered the Great Recession and the IMF’s new forecast threatens to bring contagion to the markets once again if their forecast pans out as they predict.

Since 2004 we have been watching the global economy weekly on behalf of our clients and systematically tracking experts’ forward views on their behalf. We successfully predicted both the downturn and upturn ahead of all other pundits by many months using our system’s algorithms and were able to help our clients take avoiding action well ahead of time. Right now, our algorithm has been showing a slow and steady decline for the last nine months which our clients are well aware of. Contact us to see how you can better anticipate and prepare for uncertain futures and be on the right side of the market ahead of your rivals.


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