Major service improvement coming

What’s changing?
Last month we gave our clients access to our new, automated literature review and instant desk research capability.

We are now ready to make this revolutionary capability available to all members, for free, for a trial period.

To make this happen and over the next ten days, we will be changing parts of our service that will require us to make live changes (mostly on Friday 25th July) rather than the usual single put-live at a quiet time at the end of the week.

We will also be updating webpages/slide presentations and the Get Started user guides to reflect the new version over the next ten days. So, these will begin to reflect the new service more than the old as we approach July 25th.

How it affects you
In particular, we will be re-naming Insights as ‘Ideas’ and adding the new, automated literature review and instant desk research capability as an ‘Insights’ service. You should find the changes minimal if you bear this in mind.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused and ask you to bear with us while we bring everything back into line to achieve this exciting transition.

Please contact us with any queries or a request for a demonstration of the new service.


What do you think?

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