Shaping Tomorrow launches the World’s First, Near-Instant, Web-based Futures Oracle

Clients are now able to create instant ‘foresight’ about expected future conditions and to turn these into research reports, tag clouds, tree and mind-maps at will. This new functionality was made possible through a new release of the “Extractor” text mining software which Shaping Tomorrow has been using successfully since September 2013. In this new version the Extractor does a deep and detailed analysis of the source text in order to find detailed information about the future which is found anywhere inside the text.

This initial version uses a collection of ~8,500 ‘foresights’, gleaned from our extensive database of articles and reports since September 2013.

All the client has to do is to query the ‘foresight’ database with their search term and the system will give them back all it knows about the future of that subject in an easily read listing.

The search process also allows the client to choose to see only statistical foresights or to separate likely futures from uncertainties as the basis for creating future scenarios. The resultant listings can be immediately exported to an Excel spreadsheet for parsing to a text analyzer, mind map or document editor.

Clients can then use cheap but powerful software from to write immediate executive summary, draft reports on the future of any topic or to discover all the weak and emerging signals that they face in real-time.

Clients can add Insights and obtain immediate ‘foresight’ from their contributions saving both research time and money. Literature reviews become a cinch.

Word cloud: members can now visualise listing pages in the form of tag clouds 

Export function: clients only can now export to Excel on all listing pages 

Search:  members can now ‘Enter keyword’ and further narrow their search to Insights, Issues, Influencers or Individuals only.

For further information about the extractor: Strategic Foresight as Knowledge ManagementFinding Future Words – How Shaping Tomorrow’s new Extractor works, and Talking to Mike about the Changes at Shaping Tomorrow.


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