Shaping Tomorrow’s new website update this weekend

Just a few days to go until the launch of the new Shaping Tomorrow web service!

This weekend we’ll be replacing our web service with a brand new look and feel, design and many new capabilities.  The service will be offline between Friday and Sunday while we transfer over 100,000 Insights, 3,600 trends, 20,000 members and all of our client and partner private sites.

We apologise for the interruption but when we are back up we can promise you a far better service.

If you are still using an old version of Internet Explorer (IE8 or earlier) please remember to upgrade. Microsoft no longer supports 8.0 or below due to security issues and neither will we. You can also use Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers.

We’ll also be making some changes to this blog as well. See you on the other side. We can’t wait!

When the service is back online here is what it will look like.

If you would like an advance demo, we’re now able to offer that. You will see how we can help you dramatically speed up your global horizon scanning for emerging issues, new competitor moves, societal value shifts and government policy changes at ultra-low cost. Please email to book ahead of the crowd. We are expecting a lot of demos post launch from our major marketing campaign.


What do you think?

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