Shaping Tomorrow survey – July 2013

We recently posted about the Shaping Tomorrow member survey. Readers were also invited to take part in the survey and share their opinions. Please see our recent release:

This survey contained some extraordinarily valuable information for us and a number of queries we would like to answer here. Thank you to all who responded. Here is what we learned:

Impacts of change
While emerging technologies interest most of our newsletter readers this is strongly followed by social changes and emerging economic opportunities and threats. Resource and environmental issues were least rated though still with over one third of our audience being interested in these. We will endeavour to better reflect these priorities in future newsletters and alerts.

Site usage
The majority of you used our site every day or frequently but based on your comments we perhaps are not doing enough to show those of you who do not what you are missing out on. We do offer free demos and if you would like to avail yourself of this service please let us know. We will also advertise this more in the future and look to encourage more use through the newsletter.

Research spending
Spending on research worldwide has dropped significantly in recent years but the survey told us that individual research on topics of interest, trend and research services and industry specific publications are of real interest rather than custom reports for your organization. We will major on these in future but continue to offer all five services.

Research pricing
The survey also told us that corporate and governmental members still want our annual subscription services for private, branded sites and that members really appreciate the free public service.  But SME’s are particularly interested in private services which cost less than $1,000 per year to use without own branding. This appears to be a big gap in the market.

The new site will therefore continue to offer free public access, privately, branded annual subscription sites for major clients and annual subscriptions for those wanting privacy without a branded site.

But, to respond to this high need we will introduce a pay-as you-go service for anyone wishing to use the site in private without own branding. The days of 99c foresight (app pricing) will be made standard in the new site and give any organisation or member the opportunity to anticipate and prepare for the future collaboratively when needed at rock-bottom prices on a platform that was built by and now serves all our clients and members.

New needs
You asked for new services including an Annual trend watching/reporting service of 8-10 briefings each year and in-depth scanning reports on a given topic relevant to your organisation in the next 3-5 years. We will now look to provide these.

You gave us a long-list of sources you follow most of whom we watch each week and automatically add their material to Shaping Tomorrow in public mode. We have added those you suggested to our database. Thank you.

You may not be aware of how easy it is to watch and add sources on our site or that we have already done this work for you. Do contact us if you would like to know more.

Some of you asked for help in understanding ‘How to’ use trends, consider their impacts and advance your business. We already offer this service internationally through workshops and virtually through Skype. Please do contact us if you wish to discuss taking this service.

You also asked for specific books on shaping tomorrow. The best place to find our own book which contains a ‘Reading’ listing of the best books on foresight is here.

Misses on our part
You most appreciate the newsletter and reading about trends on the Shaping Tomorrow site as we have long known. But, again we sense a lack of appreciation as to how you can use our service to better innovate and mitigate risk by using our toolkit to help yours and your colleagues learning.  There may also be a miss on our part in not letting you know well enough that we do create customized newsletters for our clients. Again, we can show you how to do this via free demo or through our real or virtual workshops.

You asked us to develop more alliances with other futures organizations. This has been our goal since launch in 2002. If you are interested in forming an alliance do please contact us using the free-form message box below.

Thank you
And lastly can we can thank all of those respondents that gave us a vote of appreciation. That spurs us on to do more for you.

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