ShapingTomorrow Demo Invitation

Our Chairman, Michael Coogan, has sent out an invitation to organisations and individuals interested in our services.

Do you work for a commercial business that needs to have effective and low-cost processes for managing your horizon scanning, trends analysis and strategic planning?

If you do, ask for a demo of what we can offer from

Shaping Tomorrow offers private, branded web portals for businesses, with access to all our content and tools to help you coordinate your foresight information in one place, discuss emerging trends with your colleagues and plan across your business.

You will also be able to track in one place key organisations such as your favourite websites, your competitors and suppliers.

In addition to the private website, we offer a regular scanning service and newsletter tailored to the keywords which are of most interest to you, and segmented according to need by topic, location, and time horizon.

And we give training to your staff on how to make best use of the site and its tools both individually and across teams.

Prices for a private web portals and related services start from around £2,400.

Using our site should ensure a considerable saving of staff time and money for your business, so the return on your initial outlay should come quickly.

If you would like a short demonstration of the benefits, by Skype or by telephone, please contact me at the email address above.

Michael Coogan
Shaping Tomorrow


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