New Additions to Shaping Tomorrow

The ShapingTomorrowBlog would like to formally welcome new team members to ShapingTomorrow:

  • Susan Grattino, ST’s new Marketing Director
  • Elizabeth Rudd, ST’s new Trends Director
  • Walter Kehl, ST’s Chief Knowledge Engineer

Susan is an experienced marketing and sales professional with extensive experience in company/product positioning, messaging, strategic planning, and marketing research. While expanding our market visibility, Susan will be contributing to the redesign of the ShapingTomorrow website and helping with the re-branding which is expected by June.

Prior to joining this organisation, Elizabeth spent 15 years as a consultant focusing on strategy and technology, including building alliance, developing new products and entering new markets, and ST has recently published her global trend report on the Future of Work. Expect great things as she continues to develop more public trend reports.

Walter has worked in product development of high-tech surveying equipment. He will be helping ShapingTomorrow integrate Semantic Web technologies to automate the collection and analysis of our scan hits.

These three new additions represent one way we are making better decision today. Please join us at


What do you think?

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